Daniel Georgie


I find meaning in making things better and helping people innovate in life and at work with minimalistic, high impact solutions to problems.
Over the past three years I’ve straddled program and product management, executing projects and building products at The New York Times, Verizon Media, and AOL. Today at The Times, I work on developing new data product capabilities and maintaining the platforms that power ad optimization. I’ve architected The Times’s approach to first-party data and revolutionized their audience targeting business and its operations. I genuinely enjoy analyzing large datasets, designing solutions to business problems, and optimizing processes…obviously, I’m great fun at client meetings and company picnics!
I have an additional 7 years experience in SaaS product operations and software support where I devised and delivered technical solutions to (literally) thousands of clients and users. This deep experience working directly with customers guides my judgement, informs my product sense, and continues to fuel my passion for flawless user experiences.
Since I can remember I’ve relentlessly asked “But, why?” of life’s most fundamental and mundane aspects. When I eventually began turning the question on to myself, it sparked a cycle of self-development that continues to propel me forward today. I’m deeply passionate about integrity (as a way of being), minimalism (as a process), and the importance of managing mental health. I nerd out for behavioral psychology (and by proximity, primatology), philosophy, and world history.