Daniel Georgie

I am a Product Manager and marketing data technologist at The New York Times. I’m known for my emphasis on user experience, obsession with detail, and a drive to create opportunities and positive outcomes from substandard circumstances, often with scant resources.
I genuinely enjoy analyzing large datasets, designing technical solutions to business problems, and optimizing business processes…obviously, I’m great fun at both company parties and client meetings 😁 I have a decade of experience in tech across advertising, marketing, web publishing, SaaS, and computer-aided design.
My business and product philosophy, the core of which was formed during my time at Apple, has consistently enabled my success:
✦  Fix the things that are broken.
✦  Commit to a commitment to quality.
✦  Stay focused on who and what matters.
✦  Frequently (re)validate assumptions with data.
✦  Say no to good ideas that deviate from the mission.
✦  Concern yourself with doing it right over doing it first.
✦  Deploy thoughtful minimalism, maximalism distracts and detracts.
✦  Deliver unparalleled support to your customers, they will tell their friends.
Outside of work, I’m highly interested in philosophy, psychology, and self-improvement. I’m also passionate about mental health, wellness, and fitness, I enjoy sharing and writing about what I have learned through my challenges that may help others through their own.