About me

Daniel has worked in the digital media and advertising industry for 7 years. His experience ranges across demand, supply, and platforms, but is concentrated in data targeting, acquisition, segmentation, and product operations.

Daniel designed NYT Advertising’s in-house 1st-party data platform, in addition to revolutionizing their data targeting practices and operations. At Verizon Media, he worked on the industry’s most powerful 1st-party and 3rd-party data targeting platforms underlying Yahoo’s BrightRoll DSP and AOL’s ONE DSP. Nearly a decade before finding Product Management, at the onset of an explosive period of growth at Steve Jobs-era Apple, Daniel helped thousands of consumers discover Apple products at as a retail Specialist and workshop facilitator. He helped launch iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2, and numerous iterations of Mac to the public.

Daniel currently resides in New York and finds joy in cooking, mentorship, and writing. He is passionate about technology, self improvement, issues involving the theory of race, sociology, philosophy, and psychology.